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6 Eylül 2020
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Magisk Mirror Apk is a helper app that lets you install .Magisk Mirror Apk Android 10 bundle files as well as regular APK files.We’ve also added a highly requested bonus feature for regular APK files: if sideloading an APK fails and you want to know why, you can now see the exact failure reason by initiating the installation from Magisk Mirror Apk Latest Version Installer.

Split APKs – huh?

Magisk Mirror Apk In mid-2018 at Google I/O, Google announced a new dynamic app delivery format called App Bundles. We highly recommend reading this AndroidPolice post as the illustrations will make the concept a lot easier to understand.

magisk mirror apk
magisk mirror apk

Magisk Mirror Apk Otherwise, here is a quick explainer. Before app bundles, developers either created a single “fat” APK with all the libraries and resources in them or manually managed multiple APK variants (for example, arm64 320dpi, x86 320dpi, arm64 640dpi, etc.).

Magisk Mirror Apk The new App Bundles allow developers to transfer the burden of dealing with variants to Google, which then splits the app release into multiple chunks – hence the term split APKs. Each release then consists of a base APK and one or more APK splits.

For example, a single release may now arrive as 5 files: base.apk + arm64.split.apk + 320dpi.split.apk + en-us.lang.split.apk + es-es.lang.split.apk.

Magisk Mirror Apk Unfortunately, you can’t install all these APK splits by just tapping them on your device – you can only install the base APK, which will then crash due to missing resources.

This is where APK Mirror Installer comes in.

Alright, so what are these .apkm files?

Magisk Mirror Apk As many apps are migrating to the split APK format that cannot be easily shared and installed without a companion app, APKMirror has developed a solution to adapt to these changes and continue to allow easy and safe sideloading options.

Magisk Mirror Apk Each .apkm file is comprised of a base APK and a number of split APKs. Once you’ve installed APK Mirror Installer and downloaded the .apkm file you’d like to install, simply tap on it or use APKMirror Installer to find the download location. You will be able to see the exact contents of each .apkm file and select only the splits you want to install to save space on your device.

Magisk Mirror Apk Installer and the underlying infrastructure took many months to develop at a considerable cost, so we hope you understand why the app and site are ad-supported. For those who prefer to avoid in-app ads, there are various subscription options to go ad-free and unlock additional features.




What's new in 1.3.1 (16-5) and 1.3.2 (17-5):
- Added the ability to copy info fields on long press.
- Native Android TV compatibility. APKMirror Installer is ad-free on Android TV. Please consider subscribing to support our work.
- Fixed some crashes.
- Tweaks to appease Google Play Policy and get the app back on the Play Store

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